The Crew

Our approach to hospitality at Steamboat Bay is to serve guests as if they were staying in our own home. The Club crew is at the ready 24/7 to address any guest request.

Adam Shoen, Steamboat Bay Fishing Club General ManagerAdam Shoen
General Manager

Steamboat Bay represents not only how I make my living, but also a conscious lifestyle decision. I’ve always felt incredibly fortunate to be surrounded by nature on this scale. Every day in Alaska represents a new adventure.

Holly Shoen, Waterfall Resort Alaska

Holly Shoen
Front of House Manager

Working at Steamboat Bay combines my two biggest passions - hospitality and nature. I feel so lucky to live and work in a place with incomparable beauty, offering an exceptional guest experience, with a team who have truly become like family.

Eileen Steimle, Waterfall Resort Alaska

Eileen Steimle
Front of House Lead

I took a chance coming to Steamboat Bay my first season and instantly fell in love with everything about this place: the pristine scenery, the deluxe accommodations, the interesting guests, the delicious food, the dedicated crew and, of course, the best fishing ever!! It’s truly unique and special and has become my home away from home.

Peyton Downs, Waterfall Resort

Peyton Downs
Front of House

The first time I came to Alaska, I knew I wanted to come back and make a living working in this beautiful state. Finding Steamboat Bay was my greatest find! It’s now been 6 years here and I am always looking forward to the summer season knowing I’ll be in such a beautiful place surrounded by amazing scenery. From the whales in the bay and amazing fishing spots nearby to the beautiful view from the lodge we call home, I’m in my happy place at Steamboat Bay! 

Erik Short, Steamboat Bay Fishing Club

Erik Short
Outdoor Crew Lead

My work at Steamboat Bay allows me to enjoy the natural beauty of SE Alaska and interact with a wide variety of interesting people from all over the world every day.

Ryan Stack, Steamboat Bay Fishing Club

Ryan Stack
Outdoor Crew & Relief Guide

In the offseason I reside in San Diego, CA and work on a charter sportfishing boat where we target Tuna. But the Southeast Alaskan King Salmon and Halibut bring me back every summer. Steamboat Bay, Noyes Island is truly a special place.

Josh Hoogerhyde, Steamboat Bay Fishing Club

Josh Hoogerhyde
Head Guide

I am at Steamboat Bay because I love guiding in a remote area of Alaska and fishing the bountiful waters. The people I have had the opportunity to meet and spend quality time with are priceless. It is great to be at the top of the pinnacle as far as the quality of fishing lodges goes in Alaska, or anywhere in the world for that matter. I come back every year because our crew at SBFC are all amazing to work with and have become like family over the years.


Everett Athorp, Steamboat Bay Fishing Club

Everett Athorpe

I was born and raised in Ketchikan, Alaska. I have been fishing as long as I can remember, from trout in Ketchikan creek as a child, to commercial longlining in the Gulf of Alaska for halibut and cod and commercial trolling for salmon. I have Guided from Alaska to the Oregon Rivers for the last 30 plus years.

 I also have a lifelong journey keeping my Alaska native art and culture alive.

Wayne Wu, Waterfall Resort Guide

Wayne Wu

As a fishing guide going on 26 years, my passion still remains. When a guest lands his or her personal best, or a first-time young angler catching that first king salmon, that joy and energy is like a drug motivating and keeping me going back for more.

Riley Naylor, Steamboat Bay Fishing Club

Riley Naylor

Over the last 10 years, Steamboat Bay and the Prince of Wales area have become deeply special places for me. The landscape, the wildlife, the people, and adventure draw me here year after year.

Colin Andrews, Steamboat Bay Fishing Club

Collin Andrews
Outdoor Crew Manager

I came up to southeast Alaska almost 10 years ago and fell in love with the landscape. Over the years, even as I would leave and ultimately return, I made friends and family that have enriched my life beyond what I could ever hope to expect.

James Hunt, Steamboat Bay Fishing Club

James Hunt
Outdoor Crew

I’m a longtime resident of Alaska, raised in Ketchikan. I have been working here on and off since 1987 and have been a lover of the outdoors for as long as I can remember.

Adrian Simmons, Steamboat Bay Fishing Club

Adrian Simmons

I hail from beautiful New England. I have been cooking professionally for 25 years and have been the breakfast chef at Steamboat Bay Fishing Club for the past 5 seasons. One of my favorite parts of the Steamboat experience is Southeast Alaska's perfect summer weather and Noyes Island's lush green backdrop.


Jessica Arceneaux, Steamboat Bay Fishing Club

Jessica Arceneaux

I am at Steamboat Bay because of family. What started as an idea from my dad to venture out and work in Alaska one summer, has turned into finding a whole different kind of family and way of life, that keeps me coming back, for four years now. Both guests and coworkers make this place so special and create an environment that is truly amazing

Leroy Keener, Steamboat Bay Fishing Club

Leroy Keener
Executive Chef


Exquisite Service
"Beyond the stunning setting and extraordinary service, it is crystal clear the team at Steamboat Bay cares about its guests." - Tony L., 2022 Guest

Alaskan Paradise
"Steamboat Bay fishing lodge is one heck of a place. The accommodations, food quality, attention to detail and service are without parallel. And they are not the best part! The fishing here is extraordinary and seriously worth a visit. Combining that with the Orca's, whales, sea lions, otters, seals and eagles make this a unique Alaskan location. We caught our limits in all fish species and lucked out on a 40 lb King as well!" - Jim S., 2022 Guest

Best of the Best!
"I find myself not really wanting to write this review because I would like to keep "The Residence" (a stand-alone manor home) at Steamboat Bay Fishing Club a secret for as long as I can but in fairness to all who employed at this extraordinary club, the message must get out that this is something special.
From the moment my family (3 generations/9 people) arrived @ camp and were greeted by Adam & Holly to the moment we departed, we were treated like we were the owners of this magnificent home returning for a long weekend. It is hard to put into words what it was like to live in "The Residence" for 3 full days. There are just so many features and amenities starting with your dedicated staff including a personal chef. that it would take paragraphs to write about." - Dennis L., 2021 Guest