The Residence : July 2 - 8


Length of Stay Rates
3 Days / 2 Nights  $7,050.00
4 Days / 3 Nights $10,280.00
5 Days / 4 Nights $13,510.00

Includes transportation to and from Ketchikan and Steamboat Bay Fishing Club. Price per person, Guide and crew gratuities not included. Steamboat Bay Fishing Club reserves the right to adjust rates at any time.

The Residence at Steamboat Bay is a stand-alone manor-style guesthouse just down the shore from The Lodge. Up to eight guests can enjoy an exclusive Steamboat Bay experience at The Residence, or groups of up to 24 may command the entire resort. A resort within a resort, The Residence has its own dedicated crew, fleet, dining options, and amenities.

In keeping with the artisan handcrafted styling reflected throughout Steamboat Bay, The Residence is constructed from Sitka spruce, cedar, and other local timbers, and displays the work of Alaska Native artists. The Residence is sited over a natural stream that feeds into the bay, and the overwater dining room features a transparent floor that offers incomparable views during the salmon run.

The Residence offers six oceanfront suites and two forest-view suites, all single occupancy.


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